Covid Dentist Workbook Gemma Cockburn





In any negative event there are people who thrive, choose to thrive. There are business’ that will grow, choose to grow.


There are many forums, webinars and chat groups out there. I hope this workbook fills a gap, something solid you can work through in your own time without the noise of information overload and the sometimes overbearing “voices” of dentistry.

This workbook is divided into three parts; Comeback, Collective Intelligence and Communications. Each part provides exercises and a selection of examples to help you and your team create your own solutions to the problems we are facing.

With foreword by Alan Suggett.

“Finished your book with my coffee this morning Gemma. Brilliant, inspiring, unconventional and thought provoking”  - Brett Garner 






In these unprecedented times, let’s assume that the risk of poor mental wellbeing and suicide in dentists will increase and work together to prevent this. 


I’m hearing about how we will be working extended hours, experience financial difficulties and have to work without the support of cohesive guidance. Please, take some time to find a quiet corner in your world and read this book.


All of my plans at this time are being put through my mental wellbeing filter and I’m asking myself the question: How will myself and my team feel if we work in this way? 


I have known unhappiness and happiness. This is a book of my thoughts and opinions. I am not an expert on mental health (not many dentists are). However, I am a happy dentist and I thought a book on the subject - written by an actual dentist - could be of value at this time

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